The process has already begun – you are looking at this website!
Whilst the route to a stunning garden varies from project to project, this gives an idea of the basic stages.

First meeting

Please get in touch and we can meet to discuss your aspirations and have a preliminary look at the site. If all parties are happy, terms are agreed and confirmed and we get down to business.

D4-v1The survey

An accurate survey is essential to good garden design, providing a precise foundation to the process. I will undertake surveys of simple areas, but more complex gardens require a professional landscape surveyor. I am happy to make a recommendation.

The brief

On the second site visit I will go into some detail to understand the how why where and what of your garden and the people who will use it – to get under the skin of the project.

I will also look at the space in detail, its relationship to the property, existing planting, soil quality, boundaries, vistas and orientation.

Design concept and master plan

I will produce an interim design at this point as a discussion document to take forward. This can take the form of plans, sketches or if appropriate, a model. This will be accompanied by a planting mood board to convey the atmosphere of the proposed scheme.

Any changes are incorporated into the final hand drawn, detailed master plan.

Detail plans

The next stage is to produce a Planting Plan based on the agreed mood board, and Construction Drawings, which, with a Scope of Work form the basis for landscape contractors to submit tenders. I will meet each contractor on site to deal with any queries.

Once the tenders are in I will discuss the qualities of each submission with you to make the right choice of contractor.

Project monitoring

Whilst the contractor is the principal during the build stage I maintain a regular presence and will be there in case of problems and to check major deliveries such as plants and hard landscaping materials. I will always lay out plants personally.


Once the garden is signed off I will draw up a maintenance schedule, if appropriate, to help you and/or your gardener can keep it in prime condition.

Gate End constrI put a lot into my designs – it is a surprisingly personal process, so if convenient I like to visit periodically to see how the project is settling in. I will bring honey…